Bird Is The Word

As a bustling, growing business, we get lots of people in our doors every day: clients for meetings, vendors, job applicants, and of course our trusty courier-people who bring us mail, money, or of course, food. Today at EatStreet HQ, however, we had a visitor of the feathered variety.

Behold, our impromptu intern (who actually didn’t do anything but sit and blink at us).


eatstreet bird toy
“Hello from the outside…”

We think he was a red-tailed hawk. We didn’t open the doors or bother him, as he was clearly set in his ways whilst seated in the sun on our balcony railing with his feathers puffed up to retain warmth. Besides, he’s an apex predator. We did set up a bird stuffed animal on the patio door handle to “keep him company,” but we wouldn’t want to disturb any wild animal in our midst!

This chap stayed on our balcony for at least five hours today. Not surprising, either, at our glacial Midwestern air topped out at about 5 degrees Fahrenheit today. And a bonus for you as we are so inspired: For the next 24 hours you’ll be able to use this special coupon code: HAWKWARD10 to save 10% on your next order through EatStreet. You can use it online or through our free mobile app for iOS or Android. (Fine print: Good through midnight on January 13, 2016. Not valid on cash deliveries, and not valid on exclusive specials.)

Happy winter, everyone!