eatstreet golden robe awards

Who Will Win the Golden Robe Awards?

The entertainment industry treats us well when we are deep in the throes of winter. We get blockbuster space-themed film franchise reboots, crazy-addicting documentary series about events that took place in certain EatStreet HQ home states, and also: entertainment industry awards shows!

With that in mind, we are proud to introduce the 2016 Golden Robe Awards! Choose your favorite foods that are best eaten in a robe and slippers and post it on our social channels for a chance at one of three $30 Netflix gift cards. All the glitz and glamour of Hollywood without having to actually dress up or, you know, leave the comfort of your home — what could be better? (Read on for more details.)

Best Food for Lazy Eating

  1. Pizza, for its role in Chew-rassic Park
  2. Wings, for their role in Back to the Foodture
  3. Chinese, for its role in Bok Choy Story
  4. Sandwiches, for its role in The Usual Subs-pects
  5. _________ (write-in of your choice)

Choose your winner from one of these five food candidates and submit their acceptance speech. Post your entry on any of our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Enter by 11:59pm, Sunday, January 10.


“Chinese should win! Speech: ‘Oh my gosh, I literally can’t even believe I’m up here right now. What a journey it’s been from the kitchen, to the takeout box, to that one guy’s kitchen table. I want to thank all the amazing ingredients that allowed me to be here today: noodles, chicken, onions, celery, peanuts, and the undying support of my life partner, soy sauce.'”

Our top three favorite entries will win a $30 Netflix gift card, ensuring you can keep your movie-watching muscles strong. We’ll notify the winners on Monday, January 11.

Need an up close and personal look at the nominees? You can get fed today by ordering online or through our free mobile app available on iOS and Android.