EatStreet Fridgemas

And So This Was #Fridgemas

It’s that time when we close the proverbial refrigerator door on our inaugural installment of “It’s A Wonderful Fridge.” We were simply overwhelmed by the amount of you faithful EatStreeters who participated, shared with us, and even complained to us about the dreaded Fridge Gnome. There were more than 20,000 of you who entered for our prizes, which fills us with so much #Fridgemas joy!

We were able to gift hundreds of #Fridgemas goodies including nearly $1,000 in free nomz. Here’s a look at what our gift-giving fridge hath delivered:

  • EatStreet Fridge Gnome
    This guy always has to get the last word. /eyeroll

    $5 EatStreet credits

  • $10 EatStreet credits
  • 10% off coupon codes
  • 20% off coupon codes
  • $30 Netflix gift cards
  • $30 Amazon gift cards
  • $50 donations to Relay for Life
  • $50 EatStreet credits

Were you a winner? How was your #Fridgemas journey? Tag us on any of our social media profiles and tell us about it for a possible extra hook up! Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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