EatStreet Fridgemas Wonderful Fridge

It’s A Wonderful Fridge: The Final Course

I’ll be home for Fridgemas
As long as I can eat…

Ok, EatStreeters. This is the home stretch for the fridgeful goodness that is “It’s A Wonderful Fridge!” December 25 is your last day to peel back the stainless steel doors of gift-giving glory for your chance at great prizes including free nomz!

Here’s a look at the #Fridgemas prizes we served up last week, as well as a sneak peek as what remains in our holiday fridge!

Last week’s prizes:

  • $50 donation in winner’s name to Relay For Life
  • $15 EatStreet cash
  • $30 Amazon gift card or Netflix gift card
  • $50 EatStreet cash

Still to come:

  • MORE EatStreet cash
  • Universal EatStreet discounts
  • MORE charitable donations

Per usual, we’re gonna think happy thoughts that the Fridge Gnome is gone for good. Hopefully you’ve all been spared. He’s small, but mighty, and mighty annoying what with his gift-grabbing and all…

December 25 is your last day to play “It’s A Wonderful Fridge,” but if you’re hungry now you can order food right to your door online or through our apps available on Android and iOS.