EatStreet Fridgemas Winner

It’s Still A Wonderful Fridge: Week 1 Winnings

We’ve wrapped week one of our “It’s A Wonderful Fridge” holiday game, and boy were there some great goodies!

Not only did our participating EatStreeters get to take advantage of a global 10% promo code — and just yesterday a 20% promo code — we dished out ten $10 Amazon gift cards and contributed $50 to a nonprofit of one winner’s choosing. It’s our way of saying thanks for being part of our EatStreet crew.

But we ain’t done.

EatStreet fridgemas fridge gnome

Our generous gift-generatin’ refrigerator still has something for you each day through December 25. Just keep your eye out for that dreadful Fridge Gnome. He is the worst and is already responsible for taking away one day’s prizes – let’s all think happy food thoughts and hope he doesn’t do it again. (We hate that guy.)

You still have lots of chances to check our cash-carrying cold box. Click here to check our holiday fridge today and every day through December 25!

Can’t wait for the prospect of winning? Hungry now? Get fed today with our slick online ordering site or via our free mobile apps.