EatStreet Fridgemas

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot like Fridgemas

“Twas the night before Fridgemas

And all through the fridge

Not a bottle was shaken, not even a smidge

The magnets were hung on the fridge door with care

In hopes that the Fridge Gnome would just leave them there.”

It’s December 1, just a handful of days after we stuffed our bellies with Thanksgiving fare. It’s during times like these that we look to that one safe haven of food security in leftovers: the refrigerator.

The gifts it brings are many, in the form of cold mashed potatoes, neglected green bean casserole, and a collection of forgotten condiments.

You can forget all those boring, barely-above-freezing choices. This year, we bring you the fridge that keeps on giving:It’s a Wonderful Fridge!” Visit our favorite frosty chill-zone every day from December 1 to December 25 for a chance to win great prizes from EatStreet including free nomz! Just watch out for the Fridge Gnome, he’s been gnown to screw things up…

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