Fantasty Foodball Is In Season

There are certain topics where everyone claims to be an expert. Football season rolls in and somehow your barber has evolved into a prophet. Apparently his clairvoyant visions have revealed which rookie running back will have 12 TDs and which quarterback will have the career ending injury that puts Joe Theismann’s to shame. Then on Monday night when preseason analysis floods your living room, your hungry roommates argue over which pizza toppings are objectively superior. It’s absurdly competitive and ridiculously fun.

We’re already in the business of catering to your hunger, so we devised a new way to satiate this appetite for competition. It’s called Fantasty Foodball and here’s how it works. Each week we call out two classic delivery dishes. Each dish comes with a coupon code. EatStreet diners and fans pick their preferred dish by redeeming the corresponding coupon code on or the EatStreet app. When the time is up, we announce the winner and everyone who picked it gets hooked up with another coupon.

Last week we kicked things off with a classic rivalry: Pepperoni vs. Supreme. We weren’t sure who’d win over your tastebuds. Pepperoni packs a punch and has a huge fanbase, but is it too one-dimensional? Supreme offers that diverse rainbow of talent, but do the flavors actually work well as a team? We let you decide.

foodball-cards-blog (1)

The dust has settled and one pizza has emerged victorious. Pepperoni FTW! With Pepperoni getting 83% more picks than Supreme, the win was decisive. In fact, Team Supreme should be a little embarrassed. Congrats to those who picked Pepperoni! They’ve been emailed another coupon as a reward.

If you’re a foodie expert and want an exclusive coupon code, then check in with us next week for round 2. The losers will seek redemption, the winners cling to their crown. Rumor has it that the matchup will be between two titans from the eastern division…