#FundMyPizzaAccount: And the winner is…

Time to put your pizza where your mouth is EatStreeters. The winner of #FundMyPizzaAccount is about to be unveiled. At stake is $300 in extra cheddar with endless ordering possibilities to make all your pizza dreams come true.

We asked you to tag us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the reasons you deserved a fully stocked food fund. And boy did you deliver. We took our job as pizza fairy godmother seriously and dropped all sorts of slice hookups to our favorite tweets, gifs, instagram pics and Facebook pleas to fund accounts all over the country.

While there were some truly creative posts that kept our days and nights entertained, our favorite came down to this entry.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.24.23 AM

Congrats Caroline Brown of Madison, WI. We hope you are able to live out your destiny. DM us your EatStreet email account and the delicious rewards are yours. We’ll just keep this on replay for the rest of the week.