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You Wanna Be (an) EatStreet BA?

Our Brand Ambassadors are badass.  Like, BA.  Literally.  Not only because we hire the best people, but also because they have the best job ever.

1). They hand out pizza. Do you know how many friends you can make by handing out pizza? You’ll have people flocking to you faster than a hot guy walking a puppy (or anyone walking a puppy, really).  Pretty EatStreet BA.

2). There is no cooler company than one that supports ripsticking in the office, ping pong tournaments during lunch, and Bring Your Dog To Work Wednesday.  Now that is something to brag about.   Pretty EatStreet BA.

3). You get paid. You get paid hourly. You get paid in food. You get paid in swag.  Plus your friends get food and swag.  You and your friends are basically losing money by not working with us. Pretty EatStreet BA.

Want some good news?  EatStreet is hiring on campuses across the US. If you like food, want to support an awesome brand, and like getting paid, why are you still reading this?

Go to eatstreet.com/careers and click on the BA role to apply!