FoodCrew Challenge Medals

EatStreet HQ is a startup with startup work ethic and startup work culture.  We’ve got Beer Friday, Doggy Day, office lunches, PS4s, and more.  We’re the friendly kind of competitive and whether it’s a typing test, gallon milk challenge, or ping pong, most things come down to the loser buying lunch or cold hard cash on the table.  All of this falls in step with our work hard, play hard culture which has served us well thus far.  It’s also a really great ruse to get people to work longer hours.  #workaholics

To help spread the EatStreet love, we created FoodCrew Challenge kits.  Mini Pong, Flip Three, Splash Toss, and Rolling Derby are all games inspiring your crew to smile a little wider after a long work day or while gearing up for your next big business move.  Along with the games, we have provided medals for the winners.  Lily and Pizza as ourour 1st and 2nd place medals, will make a little more sense if you keep on reading.


Lily, our 1st place medal is part office pup, part EatStreet mascot.  She’s CEO Matt Howard’s dog child, definitely a French Bulldog, and bigger in personality than stature.   Every Wednesday at EatStreet HQ is Doggy Day, cheering everyone up but also a huge distraction.   Lily can be found bounding around the office, surprising everyone with her plyometrics and continuously trying to surpass her own leaping goals onto the couch.  If Kanye weren’t so stubborn, Lily would be 1st.  


Pizza is our 2nd place medal because errybody loves pizza.  Here at EatStreet HQ, we are all about dat pizza dough.  As far as delivery food, pizza is as classic as Shakespeare.  At the office, pizza is a regular group order. When we have office lunches or parties, it’s pizza.  There’s continuous debate and ongoing research as to what qualifies The Best Pizza In The World.  Is it sauce?  Crust?  Quality of toppings?  All of the above?  At EatStreet HQ, we are diligently trying to figure it out.  

Enjoy your FoodCrew Challenge Kit and may the odds be ever in your favor!

If you or your business would like a FoodCrew Challenge Kit of your own (comes with a coupon!), email