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Food Face Off – Pizza Edition


Madison, WI- It is once again that time of the year when packs of novice adults, still clinging onto their adolescent predispositions, shuffle back into the domain known as college. Along with goodbyes to their families, these pseudo-adults will also have to kiss their daily three home-cooked meals adieu. No longer is ma or pa around to instill a relatively nutritional diet or monitor many of their possibly questionable lifestyle choices that lay ahead.

Yes, college is a time of free-range decision-making and kickass memories. But it also comes along with minimal free time and high levels of stress, which usually pushes homemade meals to the backburner. What food item do college students turn to the most when their stomachs rumble and bank accounts crumble? They look no further than cheese pizza, by far the most popular food item among college students.

Why is ordered pizza so popular for college-goers?  What makes ordering a large, thick crust, cheese pizza with delectable toppings that much more enticing than going back to basics and making one from scratch? I’m calling upon my 7th grade science class knowledge and doing a scientifically sound experiment to pinpoint the magical mystery behind the dairy-licious divinity that is cheese pizza.

I’m getting to the saucy bottom of this pizza phenomena by doing a Food Face Off-Pizza Edition; I make a cheese pizza entirely from scratch, while simultaneously ordering a pizza off of EatStreet. I’ll then proceed to compare the two by means of essential measurements including:

  1.     Total price
  2.     Total time each process takes
  3.     Taste test (of course)

Let the facts reap the truth, and may the best greasy-cheesy-dough concoction triumph!

                 Homemade                                          EatStreet-Fueled

Price:       3 large tomatoes                                 Large 2-topping Pizza

                 1 onion

                 1 garlic clove



                Olive oil


                Pizza cheese

                              Total: $11.39                                                   Total: $9.99

                 Homemade                                                       EatStreet-Fueled

Time:       Grocery shopping: 13.53 minutes                  Choose Pizza Place: 29 seconds

                 Prep/Cook time: 1:30:6                                    Enter payment information: 32s

                                                                                             Delivery time: 24 minutes 13s

                              Total: 1:30:53                                                    Total: 25:16

                  Homemade                                                      EatStreet-Fueled

Taste:       Crust:10                                                             Crust: 9

                 Sauce/Seasoning:5.5                                       Sauce/Seasoning: 9.5

                 Cheese:7                                                            Cheese: 8.5

                               Total:  22.5/30                                                     Total:  27/30 

Contender #1: Homemade Pizza
Contender #1: Homemade Pizza
Contender #2: EatStreet Fueled
Contender #2: EatStreet Fueled

Well folks, the pizza numbers don’t lie and the EatStreet-fueled pizza quite clearly takes the win for affordability, ease and timeliness. Sure its fun to get down and dirty in the kitchen sometimes, if you have an extra hour and 25 minutes to spare, but ordering pizza from your favorite pizza joint proves to be practical, frugal and evidently delicious. It is now blatantly apparent as to why college students have a love affair with ordered pizza. So order on kids, you’re doing it right.