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EatStreet Welcomes Newest Employee – Lily the Office Pup


Madison, WI – With the launch of more than 20 new markets fast approaching, the EatStreet Team has developed a few gray hairs over the past few months. But our noses aren’t buried in work all the time.

 Meet EatStreet’s newest employee, Lily the french bulldog! Lily joined the team in June when her human, our fearless leader, Matt Howard and his wife Laura adopted the little fluffball.

 “When I take Lily to the office, everyone’s face lights up.” Matt said. “And she stays busy all day playing with all of our employees so she gets tuckered out and sleeps like a log at night.”

 Going on her 4th month in the world, Lily is really living life to the fullest. Her favorite office activity besides lounging on our giant lovesac is chasing ping pong balls around, since her chompers aren’t quite big enough to wrap around a full size tennis ball.

 When you’ve been staring at a computer screen all day crunching numbers and writing code, Lily’s perky ears and wagging tail are the perfect reenergizing presence for boosting morale around the office.

“As much as I love working on analytics reports in salesforce,” Jon Kane, an implementation intern said, “Lily’s antics are a great reason to take a break from the grind and play a little ping pong ball fetch.”

Lily doesn’t want to take all the credit for the progress we’ve made this Summer, but everyone at the office thinks she’s just being modest. After all, she has become the most valuable employee of our company.

When it comes to puppies, on a scale of one to cute, Lily is heartbreakingly cute. Top tier. Cream of the crop. I mean look for yourself. Good luck avoiding her heart melting puppy dog eyes. Seriously, good luck.

And now that she’s past the playful nipping stage, there is really nothing negative to be said about our little bundle of joy. Our COO, Eric Martell can attest to having his feet nibbled on more than one occasion.

“Here I am minding my own business, when all of a sudden I feel a pinch on my foot,” Eric said. “She munched right on my big toe!”

But despite Lily’s questionable behavior, Eric still couldn’t decide which face was cuter, her playful face or her guilty face… Oh, who gives a rip, they’re both the cutest thing ever.