Top 5 Foods That Scream Spring

Okay, so I realize it’s been spring for nearly a month already. Where I come from, however, the weather has been too “wintry” for me to declare a bona fide season change. But now that the weather forecasts are showing promise, I feel that I can safely unveil my list of the Top 5 Foods (and Drinks) for springtime.


5. Margherita Pizza

Pizza is a universally adored. What’s not agreed on, however, are toppings. Diverse tastes in sauces, cheeses, meats, and vegetables (or lack thereof) shed light on our individuality as pizza eaters. For those who enjoy many different toppings, have you given any thought as to what flavor combinations work well in what seasons? The clear choice for spring is margherita: a light, satisfying amalgamation of tomatoes, cheese, and basil.


4. Strawberry Shortcake

On the sweeter side of things, what could scream spring more than a “berry” delicious (get it?) dessert? Shortcake, which is made of biscuit dough, contrasts the sweetness of the berries and (hopefully) whipped cream. Give me a slice of margherita pizza and some strawberry shortcake, and I’ll be more than content.


3. Cucumbers

Root vegetables were so last season. Refreshing, subtle, and intriguing, cucumbers enliven nearly anything. They’re simply effervescent. Two ways I personally enjoy cucumbers are with hummus and sliced in a glass of water.


2. Gin & Tonic

You can’t spell spring without gin—literally. The sprightly, floral elixir shines bright when served with a lime and a splash of tonic water.


1. Mushroom Salad

Not what you expected, huh? I first enjoyed mushroom salad a two summers ago in a quaint trattoria in Florence. It’s quite a simple idea: just raw mushrooms, a drizzle of oil, some parsley, and an acid of some sort (vinegar, lemon juice, etc.). Don’t be scared. Here’s a good recipe.