Street Smarts: Easter Eats

We at EatStreet believe that our users have a healthy amount of common sense: ordering delivery or takeout online is easy, fast, and affordable. You eat smart. But let’s put our money where our mouth is. Or rather, we’ll put our money where your mouth is…Answer every one of our bi-weekly food trivia questions correctly and you could win $25 of free food on EatStreet.


Get ready, kids. The Easter bunny is coming. To get the treats, though, you’ll have to know the answers…

Question 1: In what year did the Christian Church (via the Pope) officially adopt the custom of Easter eggs?

Question 2: Into what shape were pretzels originally folded?

Question 3: In Italy, a famous saying goes, “Christmas with your family. Easter with _______________”

Question 4: The word “ham” comes from the Old English “ham” or “hom,” which comes from a German root meaning what?

Question 5: Hot cross buns were originally eaten on only what Easter-season holiday?


Submit your answers using the form below by Sunday, April 20 (Easter) to be eligible to win.


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