Graffeati: Love, Promises, and a Wizard

Welcome to The January 15th edition of Graffeati. This week’s comments made me laugh, cry, say “awwww,” and scratch my head.  I even drew a picture.

Our first order comment comes from Robert in East Lansing. Rob’s a bit kinky:

“Talk dirty to me when you deliver”

I always knew MSU fans were weird. To each his own! It’s possible he’s been watching too many adult films on the internet…

Richard in Richmond (whoa…that’s meta…I wonder if he has lots of money):


Jay in San Antonio:

“Final Jeopardy: This is the answer to life, the universe, and everything”

What is 42? I hope the delivery driver got this right, especially if his tip was at stake. It’s common knowledge though; there’s no excuse to not know this.

Mark in Milwaukee:


That is a bold guarantee, sir. Very bold.

Pat in Madison:

“can i sub raw unions rather than the fried ones please?”

I’m trying to work this one out. Is a raw union a group of people devoted to only eating raw foods? Or perhaps a group committed to only wearing and talking about raw denim? Sounds like the guys in my office. There must be a more logical explanation for his comment. I cannot fathom it, however.

Alex in Lawrence:

“Pretty please, write “Katie is beautiful” on one of the cups.”

Writing a love note on a large Diet Dr. Pepper—classic move. I’ll keep this one in mind for Valentine’s Day.

Finally, I decided I would impress some people with my artistic skills by providing my own interpretation of this comment.

Kody in Iowa:

“Draw a skeletor wizard on the box. With a magic hat!”


Wow, so scary. I hope I didn’t spook you!

See you next week.