Street Smarts: Tailgate Trivia Winner

Last week, with the NFL playoffs in full swing, we tested your knowledge of tailgating. Several players entered, but only one emerged victorious. The winner of this round of Street Smarts is:

Nick Karam

Columbus, OH

Congratulations, Nick! You just won $25 in free food from EatStreet!


For everyone else, here are the answers to Tailgate Trivia: 

Question 1: The longest-running tailgate party in the U.S. has been called “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.” Which two college football teams do the fans at this party root for?

Georgia and Florida

Question 2: What famous cartoon dad once said, “the game is nothing,” and that tailgating was the only reason for going to a stadium?

Homer Simpson

Question 3: At which NFL stadium can you order alligator sausage?

Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Question 4: What avid tailgater refers to himself as the “Commissioner of Tailgating?”

Joe Cahn

Question 5: Legend has it Julius Caesar may have been the first person to partake in tailgate-like activities. What sport was he watching?

Chariot race


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