Top 5 Worst Halloween Costumes

We all have Halloween horror stories from childhood. One year you were literally running from house to house just to get more candy than your best friend, only to find out that she scored an entire bag of Snickers from some lonely old man. Or how about when you were six and you argued with your mom in the costume shop for an hour because you refused to accept anything other than the awkwardly revealing Little Mermaid or the all too stereotypical Indian Chief? Yes, we all have embarrassing Halloween stories. So let’s laugh it off by recognizing the top five worst halloween costumes:

dog costme

5. The Furry Mermaid

Dressing up pets… it’s just not right. They put up with us shlepping them around from place to place everyday. The least we can do is let them enjoy Halloween as a themselves, not some half-baked hybrid creature.


4. Grapes

An unfortunately common costume. We know grapes are supposed to be sensual, but somehow wearing a bunch of balloons comes off as less than attractive.


3. Overly Gory Zombies

Yes, this may have been cool in middle school, but wearing this costume at parties and bar crawls just shows people you take delight in looking really gross.


2. Bunnies. Bunnies of all kinds.

You can be more creative. Although awkward bunny is certainly a step above the all too popular and ever-perplexing sexy bunny, it’s still… awkward.


Β 1. Baby Chestburster

The eyes say it all. Ridley Scott designed the chestburster scene in AlienΒ to elicit primal terror. But even he wasn’t sadistic enough to plant the alien in a baby. And how exactly does the chicken fit into this equation?