EatStreet’s Top 10 Foodie Calls: #10

EatStreet is on a mission to share the top ten most gratifying, shame-defying foodie calls of 2013. Plenty of EatStreeters have entered the Foodie Call Sweepstakes and today, I am proud to announce our first $50 weekly winner, Nate from Richmond.

Hear his story:

“Me. Alone in my apartment in my black microfleece robe. You. A Large 1-Topping Pizza and Small Cheese Sticks from Assante’s for $14.99. As I sit in my apartment alone watching reruns of The Daily Show, hoping to dull the pain of waiting for your arrival, I start to think, ‘Should I cook something? I should probably cook something instead. I don’t have a lot of money right now. Would it be douchey to cancel at this point? Can you even cancel an EatStreet order?’

‘SILENCE,’ I say to quiet my doubts.

You deserve this. Assante’s deserves this. Just the thought of that cheese stick, slowly dripping the ranch onto my lap as I take my first bite quells all my doubts. Forty minutes later, my phone rings. A local cell phone number. Is it a woman requesting my sweet sweet love at a surprisingly late time of night? No. It’s Assante’s. Even better.

The wait in the elevator is unbearable. I can’t control it anymore. A mouthful of drool makes itself known. As I swallow it down to hide it from the delivery man, he enters the door. I sign the paper and sprint back to the elevator. Unable to wait, I start eating the cheese sticks in the elevator and I spill the ranch. I stare in horror. The elevator reaches my floor, the doors close, and I cannot move. Creamy deliciousness lies there helpless on the floor. A tear slowly comes down from my face. Then another. And another. I then know what I have to do.

With tears in my eyes, I dip the cheesy stick into the ranch. It tastes as good as I remember. Nothing can stop me now. Not shame, not dignity — nothing. The elevator begins to move and opens on the 2nd floor. ‘I’ll take the stairs,’ Dwayne, the cool guy from the 2nd floor says to me. I say nothing, but my eyes say everything.

After an hour of this excessive mixture of pain and pure joy, I finally retreat to my bed. As I lay down, I look up at the ceiling and think to myself, ‘I’m really fat.'”

Nate… you’ve completely redefined the #NoShame mantra. Well done. I’d say you deserve a spot in the Top 10 like the cheese sticks deserved a spot in your stomach. In addition to $50 of free food, you’ve earned the opportunity to win the $500 grand prize!

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