Street Smarts: The Supreme “Picnic” Streeter

Our bi-weekly trivia contest, Street Smarts, challenges your IQ on a special food topic. Last week, we dished out five questions about one of our favorite summer activities: the picnic. Now, it’s time to announce the answers and dish out a $25 gift card to the smart “Supreme Streeter” for this week!

Picnic: Q&A

1.     The word “picnic” comes from a combination of two words in the French language. What are those two words?

                 Piquer & Nique

2.     The reference to a picnic was first used in 1692 to describe a group of people who brought their own drink to a restaurant. What was that type of drink?


3.     The 1955 movie starring Kim Novak and William Holden was originally a play written by what University of Kansas alumni?

               William Inge

4.     What Jane Austen novel held the memorable, and rather disastrous scene, of a picnic trip to Box Hill?


5.     What type of cloth is most often associated with a picnic?

                A red and white checkered tablecloth

Did you have Street Smarts? Thanks to many entries, we found our Eat Streeters know a thing or two about the history of outdoor eating. However, this week we must acknowledge one exceptionally knowledgable EatStreeter.

Congratulations to Katherine Harrill, this week’s ‘Supreme Streeter.’ $25 in free eats is yours!

Katie Picture


Name: Katherine Harrill

City: Madison, WI

Claim to fame: Sports the coolest hat this side of the Mississippi




If you want to win like Katherine, be sure to check out Dishin’ It Out every Wednesday for the latest questions on the newest trivia topic for Street Smarts.