Megabites: Introduction

Hi EatStreeters!  I’m Eric Martell, co-founder and COO of EatStreet.  I’ll lead off with a joke:

Q: What did the hungry computer eat?

A: Chips!  One byte at a time.

I’m sure that’s the funniest thing you’ve read all day!

As Dishin’ it Out progresses, I’ll be writing posts called “Megabites.” I’ll be talking about our product and sharing exciting news from our company.  Today, however, I’ll just start with a brief blurb about the three EatStreet co-founders: Matt Howard, Alex Wyler, and myself. We started EatStreet in 2009 in Madison, WI, as BadgerBites, for three reasons.

First, we love food.  We love trying new restaurants, challenging our taste buds, and enjoying local flavor.  Creating a business that enables restaurant patrons to broaden their tastes was a perfect fit.

Second, we love technology and local business.  We’re proud to help restaurants of all sizes improve their efficiency and visibility.  Bringing a restaurant a new customer is our biggest point of satisfaction. Building a product that makes that happen smoothly and uses technologies that we love is icing on the cake (food joke intended).

Finally, we believe that competition brings out the best in everyone.  We started this business to compete against a national-scale software company that we believed was overcharging restaurants and patrons.  We’ve been able to significantly cut costs for our restaurants and their patrons by mixing up the scene.  We love to innovate and figure out new and better ways to improve the world of online ordering.

It’s been a four-year ride now, and our team has grown and rebranded (several times).  We’re on office space number four, but we wake up every day with the exact same goals: to make ordering food from your favorite restaurants as inexpensive and enjoyable as possible.

Bon Appetit!