Street Smarts: History of the Grill

Do you have street smarts?

We at EatStreet believe that our users have a healthy amount of common sense: ordering delivery or takeout online is easy, fast, and affordable. You eat smart.

But let’s put our money where our mouth is. Or rather, we’ll put our money where your mouth is…

Answer every one of our bi-weekly food trivia questions correctly and you could be dubbed the “Supreme Streeter.” In addition to receiving copious amounts of street cred, the “Supreme Streeter” will receive $25 of free food on EatStreet.

This week, EatStreet is all about Grillin’ and Chillin.’ So we’re going to test your knowledge of one of the greatest cooking implements ever invented by humankind–the grill.


1) After World War II, a new grill design replaced the Brazier Grill. What year was the new design commercially released?

2) The etymology of the English word “barbeque” has been traced to the word “barbacoa,” which translates to what three-word phrase?

3) The original Weber grill was manufactured using two sheet-metal half-spheres that were typically parts of what seafaring object?

4) What are the three most common barbecuing techniques?

5) In 1994, a new electric grilling station was released and endorsed by a renowned boxer. What was his name, and who defeated him in the classic match known as “The Rumble in the Jungle?”

Submit your answers in the form below (do so before July 9th at 9am CST to be eligible to win):


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