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Enter to win a #PizzaParty EatStreet style

October is #NationalPizzaMonth. Although we hardly needed a month to celebrate one of America’s favorite foods, we’re going to throw caution to the wind and party with our pizza out.

Lest you suffer from pizza envy, we’re giving away the chance to play host to your very own pizza bash. The best part? We’re footing the pizza bill for you and your pizza posse. Go ahead, finally answer that long-pondered question of how many people you can fit in your dorm room. Invite 40 of your closest friends up to your house, even that kid that sits in the back of the room that sure looks like he knows how to party. Heck, you’ve always wanted to see what it would feel like to have your RA put on their best bouncer impersonation. You can even tell them it’s in the name of pizza.

EatStreet will provide the pizza to get this party started right ($150 worth of EatStreet credit) but we’re not just giving away this dough. You gotta earn it. To enter our #PizzAParty contest for this epic party starter, or one of the dozens of flash prizes we’ll be unleashing on the internet leading up to the big party giveaway, simply do one of two things.

One: Take our Pizza Personality Quiz via email. For the next two weeks we’ll be emailing this short quiz to our subscriber list. You’ll answer one question to receive clues about your pizza personality, plus a shareable bonus coupon code for playing. Tweet or send a shoutout on Facebook with your answer and the tag #PizzaParty and presto! You’re automatically entered to win!
Expert tip: If you’re not already receiving our emails, sign up here.

Two: Enter to win this giveaway the more official way below. It takes only a second and you’ll make the short list for entry.
Want to be an over-achiever? Hit up Instagram with pics of your #FoodCrew and why they’d make the list for your #PizzaParty. We’ll be watching and give our favs some additional pizza love.

So that’s it EatStreeters. Enter one of two ways, and don’t forget we’ll play favorites along the way with those that tell us why they deserve a #PizzaHookUp on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. The winner will be announced on October 28th, 2015.

Party on.

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