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There’s a Pizza Personality for that

I got 99 problems but a pizza ain’t one.

You may have heard October is National Pizza Month. Finally a whole month to praise pizza! Undoubtably our insides might be made of cheese based on our weekly pizza intake (when pizza delivery guy has you on speed dial…) but we still plan on partying with our pizza out as close to the couch as possible. Be it traditional pepperoni, team supreme, ooey, gooey cheese or a create-your-own of epic proportions, it’s undeniable pizza is bae.

Which got us to thinking, there’s an awful lot that your pizza order says about you as a person. Could your chosen pizza order actually be tied to your personality traits? Is your favorite cheese selection so deeply rooted in your psyche that your conventional or unconventional choice of crust type is actually something that you have no control over? While it’s a question that we pondered for longer than we’d care to admit, we decided to instead dust off our old psychology books and assemble a pizza personality quiz.

We sent it out to our email subscribers and thought we’d share the personality types that were revealed based off their answers. What pizza personality do you think you are? Tweet us your personality type and we might give you a #PizzaHookUp. Based off how much fun we had creating this, we’re already creating a rorschach made entirely out of sauce.

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