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Whet Your Autumn APPetite

When does autumn officially arrive? Is it when the sun crosses the celestial equator? When chlorophyll breaks down, leaving the deciduous forest forlorn and barren? Or is it when you realize it’s getting dark real quick and you snap that uber cute Insta-pic of your Ugg boots perfectly paired with dead leaves? #relationshipgoals

Who cares! It’s pumpkin spice ERRYTHANG and football season!

Whet your autumn appetite with this aptly named app-only coupon code: APPetite15. Order food, enter that code, then get 15% Off at any EatStreet restaurant! If you’re using your phone now and have the iOS App installed, click here to open the iOS app and use your coupon code. If not, you can download our free app here.

This coupon can only be used in app and expires on Wednesday at 11:59PM CT and is not valid on Cash orders.