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EatStreeters are among the goofiest, silliest, wittiest people on the planet. Want proof? Just have a look at some of our best order comments from the past week. We like to call these clever special requests “Graffeati.”

This one really stole our hearts:

“PLEASE write ‘Happy 9 Month Anniversary!’ on the inside of the box. – Tim, Oshkosh, WI

Nothing says “I love you” like a large two-topping. As far as I know, the two toppings were love and affection. Well done. May I suggest adding a side of mozzarella sticks for the one-year anniversary?

“A wise person once told me, ‘The only thing life owes us are lessons.’ And it’s become apparent over the last year that Bandung is delicious. haha lesson learned!” – Brent, Madison, WI

Bandung is definitely one of our most delicious restaurants in Madison! We love to hear people appreciate this true gem.

“No rules” – Jordan, Milwaukee, WI

Without context this really makes no sense. However, after looking at the order–a BBQ pizza with bacon and onions–it’s evident that traditional rules of how a pizza is made have been thrown out the window. This unconventional pie actually sounds pretty good. No rules! We like it.

Enjoy the weekend!