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Press Release: EatStreet Releases FoodCrew Group Ordering

EatStreet Redefines Food Ordering For A Crowd With FoodCrew Functionality

EatStreet Releases First Platform-Wide Group Ordering and Split-the-Bill Capabilities for All Diners

Madison, WI — May 4, 2016 —  EatStreet, the largest independent online food ordering company in the United States, announces the release of “FoodCrew” group ordering. EatStreet is the first online food ordering company to offer a platform-wide solution for group ordering with split-the-bill functionality.

FoodCrew allows for multiple diners to place their individual requests to the same group order, and allows these users to pay separately with an optional split-the-bill functionality. Diners can now gather large group orders for friends, classmates, coworkers, or even family members via the EatStreet online and mobile app platforms on iOS and Android.

“Taking lots of people’s orders and juggling multiple credit cards and cash is time-consuming not to mention frustrating. We know this struggle better than anyone,” said Matt Howard, EatStreet co-founder and CEO.  “And the last thing you want to worry about when you’re hungry is who’s paying. It’s the perfect addition to our convenient online ordering platform.”

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