Nothin’ But Nomz: March Madnomz

When Dr. James Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891, he clearly had one thing in mind. Sure, he ultimately revolutionized American sports and ingrained our culture with a sport that would eventually sweep the world. But his original intention clearly was to incorporate everyone’s favorite hobby—eating. Naismith bottomed out an old peach basket, threw it up on a ten-foot pole and said, “Let’s ball, homies.”

logo1With all of our attention focused on our screens, who has time to cook a meal? Are you really going to get up and make dinner as the 14-seed Cinderella has the 3-seed favorite on the ropes? No way.

EatStreet’s got your back. Play our March Madnomz bracket and let us bring you your favorite nomz! It’s what Dr. Naismith would want.

The bracket is set with the most competitive culinary creations going head-to-head (or crust-to-crust) for the next three weeks. We’ll present one food face-off each day. Your part’s easy: Visit the March Madnomz bracket to see the day’s matchup. Pick a winner, and if you’re right, you’ll have a chance to win great prizes!

First up: the Savory Sixteen. Click here to start playing!

The March Madnomz tournament schedule is:

March 21 – Savory Sixteen

March 29 – Elite Eats

April 2 – Final Fork

April 4 – Food Court Championship

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Extra credit: We’re giving you a chance to fulfill your professional athlete dreams with our open tryouts for Team EatStreet. Let us see your tryout reel on video. Post it to our Facebook, snap it to us on Snapchat or tag us on Twitter or Instagram. Use #TeamEatStreet. If you make the cut, we may reward you with free nomz! Need some inspiration? Check out our tryout reel here.

Need to carb-load before you try out? All this talk about food got your appetite going? You can get fed now by ordering at or through our free mobile app available on iOS and Android.

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