May The Fork Be With You T-Shirt Giveaway!

Don’t worry — no spoilers here. If you aren’t living under a rock or have the Star Wars content-blocker installed, then you know it’s Star Wars release week!

We at EatStreet are so excited about this momentous occasion that we are giving away some of our “May The Fork Be With You” t-shirts*!

We will give away one shirt per social media channel: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To enter:

Post on any of our social channels a photo of you Star Wars-ing your food. Fly a piece of pizza like an X-Wing fighter jet. Shape your lo mein into Yoda’s face. Stage a light saber fight using burritos. We will accept photos only posted to our accounts and tagging us. Use the hashtag #maythefork.

You have until 5pm CST, Thursday, December 17. We’ll select our favorites and contact the winners on social media.

*Limited to sizes: women’s large, men’s small, and men’s medium.

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