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Declare Your One True Love, Win Free Food

It’s time, everybody. The time has come. There have been ups and downs, late nights and early mornings, times of struggle and times of bliss. Really, just *sigh* so many memories. There have been moments that took your breath away and moments you felt like you waited forever for. There have been times you have let it go on too long, only to regret it later. Maybe you’ve felt like your character’s been tested, like you’ve been pushed through your comfort zone and have come out more powerful. Maybe it was life-changing. Whatever it was, your one true love was there for you, comforting and guiding you, satisfying and stimulating you. So everyone, it’s time. Now is the time to avow yourself to the mercies of vulnerability, scream into the voids your deepest desires, and be unafraid to let the world know about your One True Love: food.

We get it. We really do. We love our food too — why else would we be in this business? But this time of year we are not just in the business of food ordering, we are your Food Cupids. At EatStreet, we have been playing matchmaker for years, never giving up on your one true love, working hard to deliver and satisfy, never trying to stand in the way or keep your food from you.  We always want it to work out for you. We know there can be hard times. A messy love can’t be cleaned up by a napkin. Sometimes we have to play mediator, making sure that food is treating you right. But we also know the smile we put on your face when your true love arrives at your door.

As your Food Cupid, we know how important Valentine’s Day is for you and your One True Love. That’s why we want to arrange everything. Perhaps you’re feeling exotic this year – some Thai or sushi? Maybe keeping it casual with burgers or pizza? Or maybe you’re gonna ritz up the routine and order some Italian? Whatever it is, your Food Cupid will be fully supportive. We know how great you are. We know how many people believe in your greatness. And we know what you truly deserve.

You deserve to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your ride or die.

Your constant companion.

Your “everything-is-so-much-better-when-I’m-with-you.”

Your One True Love: food.

Don’t be shy.  Declare your love now.

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