Online Food Ordering Trends During The Big Game

There’s always something super in the air this time of the year. It’s a super sensation urging us all to gorge ourselves with the foods we made resolutions not to eat. We suddenly develop a sixth sense for critiquing uber-expensive TV ads that some marketers have undoubtedly bet their careers on.

Our recent Series B funding came with an emphatic “no uber-expensive ads” clause, so sadly you won’t be seeing babies, frogs, or celebrities singing the praises of EatStreet in your living room anytime soon. Instead, we asked an intern to pick a random date and dig into our data to find online food ordering trends involving soups or bowls, which reminds me of a clip from one of my all-time favorite shows:

So which date did our intern pick? February 2, 2014. And it just so happens that a great big football game took place between a flock of water birds and a heard of wild broncos, which captivated millions of spectators and led to some interesting online food ordering trends on EatStreet.

Which pizza topping reigned supreme? What time did people finally decide to place their order? Find your answers below on our super sporty infographic:

Big Football Game Online Food Ordering Trends
Source: proprietary food ordering data from EatStreet, Inc. on 2/2/14.

Get Fed on Game Day: