Happy National Guacamole Day

It’s national guacamole day and you better believe that EatStreet is observing this holiday of all things righteous and avocado. Follow the simple steps below to have an enjoyable guacamole celebration.

1. Watch these GIFs to get into the mood of the festivities:

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Via giphy.com


2. Feeling Hungry? (Choose option a or b)

a. Make your own guacamole here


b. Order a plate of guacamole infused dishes from the list below:

Madison, WI

A la Brasa 

Burrito Drive

Casa De Lara

El Pastor

Francisco’s Cantina

Get some Burritos

Mexico Lindo

Taqueria Guadalajera 

Champaign Illinois

Burrito King

Cactus Grill

Don Juan Mexicana

La Bamba

Super Taco

Taco Motorizado

Torticas Grill

Ann Arbor, Michigan


El Ranchito

Sabor Latino

Taco King

Taqueria la Fiesta

Tmaz Taqueria

3. Eat Guacamole while wearing clothing items below:


Via Cafepress.com
Via Cafepress.com


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Via Ebay.com