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Spin It to Win It!

Here at EatStreet we pride ourselves in providing a rewarding work environment. Not just the run-of-the-mill competitive salary, benefits, ping-pong, etc. We’re talking kegerators, skee-ball, video games, bulk candy orders, and beer Fridays.   We believe the more rewarding the work environment the more our team will hang out, form relationships, think creatively, and build awesomeness.

When you make a work environment too rewarding you run the risk of getting less actual work done. Our sales staff in particular is prone to distraction. Note the below chart our interns compiled (Y-axis = Productivity, Y-axis = Ballerness):

SalesgraphIn order to combat this alarming trend we created “THE PRIZE WHEEL”. The prize wheel consists of 36 of the most important things a salesperson would ever want: Free food, limos, pedal pubs, sporting events, Nerf guns, jetpacks, and other essentials for your holiday shopping list. The concept is simple. Balance the rewarding work culture while signing up a bunch of new restaurants in a single day and you get to spin this epic wheel of sales fortune.

prize wheel

When the prize wheel came out crazy things started happening. Sales increased, efficiency went through the roof, morale skyrocketed, and general office mayhem stayed consistently awesome. Below is the photographic evidence and lessons to implement at your office.


Prizes should get the entire company together and create healthy competition. The appropriate handicap for sales to give engineering in a mini-golf challenge is the square root of the salespersons IQ.


When creating greatness, focus on the journey not the destination. When the journey to a baseball game is in a stocked limo, the sales team will end up leaving before the first pitch.


It’s not always true that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. When you take the team on a pedal tavern, move the weakest link to the chair without pedals and you’ll be golden.