Street Smarts: In a Pickle Winner

Last week, we posed some downright briny questions about pickles. Several players entered, but only one emerged victorious. The winner of this round of Street Smarts is:

Matt Gergeni

Milwaukee, WI

Congratulations, Matt! You just won $25 in free food from EatStreet!


For everyone else, here are the answers to In a Pickle:

Question 1: From what Dutch word is the English word “pickle” derived?


Question 2: According to the USDA, about how many pounds of pickles does the average American eat per year?


Question 3: What famous Egyptian leader believed that eating pickles helped her stay beautiful?


Question 4: What two US states produce the most pickles?

Michigan, North Carolina

Question 5: In what Shakespeare play was the phrase “in a pickle” first used?

The Tempest


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