Street Smarts: April Fools Winner

Last week, we asked you some fishy inquiries about April Fools. Several players entered, but only one emerged victorious. The winner of this round of Street Smarts is:

Anna Marie Privitere

Madison, WI

Congratulations, Anna! You just won $25 in free food from EatStreet!

For everyone else, here are the answers to April Fools:

Question 1: What term is used to describe a person who eats fish but not meat?


Question 2: Traditionally served with bagels, cream cheese, and onion, lox is a brined form of what fish?


Question 3: About how many species of fish exist in the world?


Question 4: In 1923, what earthquake hit Japan, scattering nigiri chefs throughout the country?

Great Kanto Earthquake

Question 5: In what year was the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich invented?


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