Street Smarts: April Fool’s Day

We at EatStreet believe that our users have a healthy amount of common sense: ordering delivery or takeout online is easy, fast, and affordable. You eat smart. But let’s put our money where our mouth is. Or rather, we’ll put our money where your mouth is…Answer every one of our bi-weekly food trivia questions correctly and you could win $25 of free food on EatStreet.


In France, April Fool’s Day is known as poisson d’Avril, which translates literally as “April’s fish.” Throughout Europe, a popular prank involves taping a paper fish to someone’s back. Instead of paper fish, we’ll talk about real fish—delicious, healthy, and anything but foolish.

Question 1: What term is used to describe a person who eats fish but not meat?

Question 2: Traditionally served with bagels, cream cheese, and onion, lox is a brined form of what fish?

Question 3: About how many species of fish exist in the world?

Question 4: In 1923, what earthquake hit Japan, scattering nigiri chefs throughout the country?

Question 5: In what year was the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich invented?

Submit your answers using the form below by Sunday, April 6 to be eligible to win.

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