Graffeati: Lo Mein Me, Bro!

I’m back on this frigid January afternoon to bring you the past week’s food delivery order commentary. In this edition, we get a glimpse into the hearts and minds of our lovely customers. Deep, profound, insightful—these are just three of the many words that come to mind.

Mark in Iowa:


This guy is amped up about Chinese food! I don’t know if I’ve ever heard “Lo Mein” used as a verb. Our customers are able to manipulate the English language to convey new meanings and ideas. Well done, Lo Mein Legend!

John in Champaign had a particularly silly request. I thought I’d try my hand at and make it happen for you, John:

“Sausage Volkswagen logo”


Frank in Eau Claire:

“Watch out for ice at the bottom of the stairs”

The definition of an “A+” customer. Here, Frank shows respect for the delivery driver by warning him about hazardous conditions. In doing so, the driver stays safe…and so does Frank’s pizza (or sub, or Chinese, or whatever people named Frank who live in Eau Claire eat).

Kelly in Raleigh:

“Meet by the Dumpsters on the odd side of Bragaw Hall”

Meet me by the dumpsters? On the “odd” side? Sounds like a sketchy place to pick up your food. Maybe these are a particularly clean set of dumpsters.

Neha in Ithaca:

“A haiku about the food written on one of the napkins!”

Ah, the perfect opportunity for me my to flex my poetic muscles. Challenge accepted.

Ordered four sliders

Just like burgers, only small

I miss White Castle.

Stay warm this week!