Street Smarts: Hot Soups on Winter Days

We at EatStreet believe that our users have a healthy amount of common sense: ordering delivery or takeout online is easy, fast, and affordable. You eat smart. But let’s put our money where our mouth is. Or rather, we’ll put our money where your mouth is…Answer every one of our bi-weekly food trivia questions correctly and you could win $25 of free food on EatStreet.


The chill of winter seems inescapable. Outside, pesky white flurries dot the sky and collect on the ground. Inside, your heater runs non-stop, constantly reminding you of the treachery of leaving the house. What could save you from the misery? How about something hot, something comforting, something…soupy? How about soup.

Question 1: In what state is it illegal for bar owners to sell beer unless they are also making a pot of soup?

Question 2:  To what Middle Dutch word meaning “broth” can the word “soup” can be traced back?

Question 3: What famous composer once said, “Anyone who tells a lie has not a pure heart and cannot make a good soup”?

Question 4: How many Campbell’s soup cans were included in Andy Warhol’s original 1962 series of canvases?

Question 5: About how many bowls of soup are consumed (in total) by Americans each year?

Submit your answers using the form below by Sunday, January 26 to be eligible to win.

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