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Foodie Call: Moving In

An amazing Foodie Call can take place with familiar cuisine that may or may not have had a profound effect on you in the past. My most recent Foodie Call was with a familiar favorite, but with a layer of comfort that was much needed.


I had just finished moving into my new place this past weekend when it dawned on me that a) I was starving and b) we did not have any food in our new place. I panicked as I stared down at the internet router sitting idly on the barren living room floor. Our internet provider would not be coming until tomorrow. Thankfully I pulled out EatStreet’s new App and scrolled down to a familiar favorite. I knew exactly what I needed to nourish me after 12 hours of moving. Bandung Indonesian Restaurant’s Chicken Pad Thai and a side order of Lumpia (Indonesian style egg roll filled with carrot, bamboo shoots and green onions) was on my list of favorites and I quickly submitted my order.

It was not long before I heard our doorbell ring for the very first time. (I must note our new doorbell is the melody from Happy Birthday.) I ran upstairs and dug in immediately. I sat cross-legged on the floor, savoring each bite of the Pad Thai. Moving is always a trying experience, but ending my day with a familiar friend made this last Foodie Call an undeniable success.