EatStreet Gives Back: Alcohol & Drug Council of Tompkins County

Think back to the last time you ordered on EatStreet. Do you remember which organization you told us to donate to?

We hope you take the time to browse through our donation list and read the bios of our partnering non-profit and student organizations. These organizations do vital work in your community and are run by passionate, caring people. And while they appreciate the donations we send them, they also need enthusiastic volunteers and increased awareness of their cause.

Alcohol & Drug Council

Today I am excited to introduce you to Stacy and the Alcohol & Drug Council of Tompkins County. Stacy writes,

“Hello.  My name is Stacy.  I’m the Education/Prevention Director at the Alcohol & Drug Council in Ithaca, NY.  We are one of the non-profit agencies that you can designate to receive 5% of the profits from your order.  I’d like to tell you a little about what we do at the Council.  We are a private, not for profit agency.  We offer hope and recovery to people dealing with addictive behaviors and we strengthen our community through prevention and education programs.  We provide evaluation and treatment services for people who need them.  The staff at the Council works very closely with our community partners to reduce the stigma that is often associated with addiction.  Our highly trained staff is compassionate and caring and we see each client as an individual.   We use evidence based practices to provide client centered care and individualized treatment.

“We also provide community outreach services and educational programs in the local schools.  Prevention is a pro-active, research-based, data-driven process utilizing proven-effective strategies and programs to reduce or prevent alcohol and other drug abuse in individuals, families, and communities.

“Moving from the culture of addiction to the culture of recovery requires having a safe home, support from family or friends, meaningful employment, and the ability to live free from the stigma associated with addiction.  Many people suffer from the disease of addiction and many people know someone who has been affected by addiction.  At the Council, we hope that our work with clients and out in the community reduces the stigma associated with addiction and allows people to live fuller, happier and healthier lives.”

For more information on the Alcohol & Drug Council of Tompkins County, please visit their website. If you are interested in learning more about addiction, I personally commend the work of best selling author and renowned public speaker, Dr. Gabor Mate.