Seven Stats from our Numbers Nerd

I’ve always been a numbers guy.  Like most kids, I went to the McDonald’s Playland a few times when I was young. But unlike everyone else, I didn’t jump around and attempt to eat the balls. Rather, I was the dork standing next to the pit trying to figure out how many balls there were (accounting for displacement of people, of course). In high school, my interest in math led to a few academic trophies and a couple of calculus rap videos.  Suffice it to say, the ladies wouldn’t stop calling.

Winding the clock forward a bit, being a part of EatStreet has been a dream come true for a nerd like myself.  In the early days of the company, I styled the website. Not something you want from a dude who holds a crayon like a baseball bat:


Luckily, we’ve found some visually talented folks to make things look sharp, and I get to focus on the numbers.

These days, when I’m not grilling peaches or eating 100 Dong Tings, I’m crunching dollars, cents, and programming algorithms into interesting (sometimes meaningless) statistics.  Here seven of the craziest EatStreet stats you’ll ever hear.

#1.  EatStreet currently supports over 1,300 restaurants with 181,271 menu items!  Assuming each of these menu items is about a meal’s worth (probably WAY more if you consider all the 20 inch pizzas), you could eat three unique meals a day for 165 years.  Next time you’re looking for a change from the rut of ramen, check out EatStreet’s selection.  You’ll thank me in 165 years.

#2. Our  biggest order ever was $539.88.  That fella had an appetite.

#3.  EatStreet donates to 101 non-profits, a list that is rapidly expanding with each additional market we enter.

#4. EatStreeters love pizza!  A whopping 42.6% of our orders are for Italian pies.  Chinese follows in second at 22.1%, and subs come in third at 18.1%.

#5. About 1 in 200 of you ask for something drawn on your pizza box.  We wish we could see all the masterpieces that have come from such requests!

#6. The most common EatStreeter surname is Smith, accounting for .78% of our users.  We hope you all aren’t agents from the Matrix (but then again, we assume you wouldn’t be eating).

#7. In EatStreet’s early days, some big political happenings went down in Madison.  During a three day span, we received orders from 43 states and 11 countries to bring pizzas to the political protestors at the Wisconsin state capital. Seeing as all 28 of our markets are in the United States, we haven’t gotten any more international orders since.  Turns out your local sub shop doesn’t deliver to Afghanistan!  (We do, however, frequently see EatStreet gift cards purchased overseas.)