Street Smarts: Feelin’ Peachy


It’s transition time. Not just because August 1st signifies the shift from summer to school, but also because tomorrow is the first day of National Peach Month. This means we only have 31 days to honor this sweet fruit that makes up so many of our favorite summer snacks. Whether it be yogurts, smoothies, or ice cream, there’s no denying that August presents the perfect weather to enjoy this fuzzy delicacy. Peaches have become much more than just any other fruit, finding their way into entertainment, culture, and even slang. This week, these rosy pink orbs find their way into our weekly trivia contest.


1. Approximately for how long have peaches been growing on Earth?

2. What country grows the most peaches in the world?

3. What Canadian artist is also known by the name of “Peaches”? Hint: She was featured in one of Pink’s songs.

4. There is a structure on the east coast of the US that is built to resemble a peach. What is it called?

5. What beloved children’s book has had such a not-so-peachy history with the American Library Association (it’s featured on the top 100 most frequently challenged books)?

Submit your answers in the form below (no later than August 6 at 9am CST to be eligible to win)

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