Graffeati: Love, Promises, and a Wizard

Welcome to The January 15th edition of Graffeati. This week’s comments made me laugh, cry, say “awwww,” and scratch my head.  I even drew a picture.

Our first order comment comes from Robert in East Lansing. Rob’s a bit kinky:

“Talk dirty to me when you deliver”

I always knew MSU fans were weird. To each his own! It’s possible he’s been watching too many adult films on the internet…

Richard in Richmond (whoa…that’s meta…I wonder if he has lots of money):


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Graffeati: New Year Requests

Happy New Year, EatStreeters! We are back with 2014’s first installment of Graffeati. I’ve decided to spice things up this week with some stock photos. Without further ado, let’s see some comments!

Here’s a request from Rob in Milwaukee:


I cannot fathom eating a plain hot dog, and that’s coming from someone who eats multiple every week. Growing up near Chicago I am faithful to the classic Chicago style dog with mustard, onions, tomatoes, sport peppers, celery salt, etc. This just goes to show: different strokes for different folks. Who am I to judge a plain hot dog eater?

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This will be our final installment of Graffeati for 2013. Without further ado:

Trish in Madison:

Deliver with swag

I’m assuming this means the food has to be delivered by a person dressed like a combination of Justin Bieber and Drake. Possibly write YOLO on the pizza box? Or maybe the pizza would be shaped in the form of Soulja Boy’s face? I guess I don’t really want to know what you hoped for with this request.

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Well its finals week for a lot of our customers and it seems like everyone is going a little bit crazy! Could be the weather having something to do with it. Anyways, now you can read these order comments while you’re cooped up studying!

Tim From Columbus:

Crust please J

Must have been studying so hard he forgot that pizzas come with crusts automatically. I hope they honored this request with an extra ring of crust.

 Brianna from Columbus:

I do not want a water I want Arizona

Some wires must have been crossed here. You can’t substitute a bottle of water for an entire state! That’s not how these comment sections work!

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I’m back and ready to share the ever-interesting order comments we’ve dubbed Graffeati! Without further ado:

Nate from Madison:

Any chance you can pick us up a case of beer too? We’d pay you back. I’m being serious.

I really hope the delivery driver followed through with this. Actually, on second thought, what legal-aged drinker would ask this of a delivery driver? We do not condone underage drinking here at EatStreet. But then again, on third thought, maybe Nate was trying avoid a trip through the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin. It’s a whopping 6 degrees right now. I guess we’ll never know.

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Welcome back to this week’s Graffeati and happy belated Thanksgiving! I’ll cut right to the chase.

Andrew in Ann Arbor:

Make this pizza as if you were making it for Beyonce Knowles

I’m just going to pretend that this food actually was for Beyonce — Beyonce is using our website!! OMG!!

Jim in Lawrence:

Write a haiku on the box!

If poem put on box,

Please send a photograph to

Bloggers at EatStreet

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The Graffeati this week contains foreign languages, made up words, and some serious excitement for cheese!

Carlos in Madison:

Call 608-***-**** when at the door please por favor (Italian) danke schon (German) dank je wel (Dutch) merci bearceau (French) grazie mille (Spanish but not sure lol ok bye) Love you

I really liked this one. It gave me a chance to learn some fancy new words in other languages. I don’t think these are all correct, but who cares! Our customers are well traveled.

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To be perfectly honest, this week’s comments weren’t the best showing we’ve ever had. Pick it up people – make me laugh! It’s not hard. Even Jeff Foxworthy makes me laugh occasionally. Nonetheless, here are the comments from this week’s orders that gave me a chuckle.

First up, Christopher in Milwaukee:

Go to the door on the left of the building. Ring #4’s doorbell. No cops.

If I was the delivery driver on this, I would have brought backup. I wonder if this guy has had a past run-in with an undercover officer dressed as a delivery driver. That would be some DEEP cover. Well, deep dish maybe.

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I’m back with our now weekly installment of Graffeati! For those of you who think I forgot to use spell check, I should mention that Graffeati is what our users leave on their EatStreet orders. We let people give special requests for each food item they order and sometimes, they decide to use that space for self expression. This week was certainly interesting to say the least.

Charles from Ithaca said:

When the delivery guy shows up, have him say, “Someone order a big sausage pizza?” We will generously tip you.

I’m not sure what this is about, but I laughed when I pictured the delivery driver following through. If it’s an inside joke, we wish we were a part of it.

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After a brief hiatus, Graffeatti is back! This week is by far one of the strangest sets of comments I have ever seen. Starting us off we have Christopher from Champaign with a classic foodie call:

make a gud jab pizza. mamma mia 😉

It gets better:

Pizza good make it good hello I am so happy to be alive tonight haha im drunk teehee smiley face winky face

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