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Top 5 Things to Put in Your Lemonade


Hot summer day…check. Music on the beach…check. Empty glass…what the hell?!

Relax. We’ll get through this. Start with some lemonade (fresh squeezed is best), and then add something to make all your friends jealous:


#5: Peaches. What a versatile fruit! Jam, cobbler, ice cream, and now lemonade. What will peaches do next? (Tune into the E! network for an exclusive interview…)

Iced Tea

#4: Iced Tea. A classic Arnold Palmer never fails. While half-and-half might be the go-to ratio, it’s certainly not the only one.


#3: Berries of all kinds–whole, sliced, or cooked in syrup. Breathtaking colors and intriguing flavors result from the addition of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Why stop there? Blackberries, currants, and (if you dare) lingonberries make your lemonade pop, too.


#2: Mint. Don’t drop an Altoid into your lemonade and wait for it to dissolve. Rather, find some sprightly spearmint at your local grocery store or farmers’ market (or grow it yourself) and muddle a few sprigs into your lemonade. You’ll never drink it any other way again.


#1: Vodka. If you’ve sliced peaches, poured iced tea, cooked berries, and muddled mint and you’re still bored, there is one more option. Just like you’re playing volleyball…spike it!