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Savory Sounds: Music at the EatStreet Office

3497849677_9798b22910_zWandering the halls of the EatStreet office, you’ll quickly realize that we’re a crazy bunch. The folks at EatStreet HQ come from different backgrounds and have many different interests. Nobody wants to see me play volleyball, but Kara won the state championship in high school. Likewise, most of my jokes get more groans than laughs, but Sam interned for the Daily Show with John Stewart. My unique talent? I caught all 150 Pokemon on my Gameboy back in the day.

There is one thing that EatStreet HQ-ers all have in common: they love music. That’s about where the similarities end, though. We all have different tastes. We work with two guys who were music majors, another guy who has been to over seventy shows in 2013, and a couple die-hard Lady Gaga fans. Here’s some of what you might find us jamming to if you happen to wander into our office.

Cole Roberts listens to Tycho on Pandora.  This makes good sense, since Cole is also the lead artistic vision for our company, and Tycho has some pretty darn cool visual stuff himself.

Grant Smith, a programmer for EatStreet, likes electronic music, specifically Electronica, House, Happy Hard Core, Chillstep, and Dubstep. He likes Madeon a lot! All of us programmers at EatStreet like to program to electronic music. Personally, it makes me feel like I’m a hardcore programmer from Swordfish. I still haven’t met Halle Berry yet, though.

Emily Orner, our Director of Account Management, likes classical Pandora when she’s really trying to get stuff done. Otherwise, Lana del Rey and Grace Potter and the Nocturnal are among her favorites. That’s pretty mellow when you compare that with next door and…

Salesman Jack Wilson. He’s a pretty badass dude who you’ll often find head-banging to Tupac and Jay-Z.  When he’s in a more sensitive mood, he’ll throw on Sinatra, Sublime, or the Chili Peppers.

Dave Roessler, another salesman, is a classic rock nut.  His favorite jams are Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, and Joe Walsh. Life’s been good to him so farrrrrrrrrrr.

Our Director of Marketing, Danny Mulligan, was a music major in college. When he’s working, he listens to instrumental Western art music from composers like Erik Satie, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, and Igor Stravinsky. He’ll also throw on meditation music playlists on YouTube or progressive music in the vein of Pain of Salvation, Dream Theater, and Frank Zappa.  When he’s really trying to concentrate, he throws on simplynoise.com.

Brian Reynolds is crazy about Beyonce.  Certainly no objections from me; Dream Girls is the cat’s pajamas.

Kevin Mitchell, a software development intern, jams a lot to Pharrell.  Most people don’t know that he did the soundtrack to Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. Very talented dude.

Sam Mortimer is our resident jam band guy.  He listens to a ton of Phish, Disco Biscuits, and STS9.  He just saw STS9 last weekend, for the 29th time.  The only thing I’ve ever seen 29 times is Dumb and Dumber.

As for me, some of my favorite bands include Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and Robert Randolph and the Family Band.  But I’m really all over the board. One day, I’ll be jamming out to Led Zeppelin 4. The next, I’ll be awkwardly reenacting the “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” montage from the Mulan Soundtrack.