Sharpen up those pizza cutters

Candy corn comas, dogs in ridiculous costumes, haunted houses that make you scream in delight and pizza…these are a few of our favorite things. And it’s time to get your witch on EatStreeters, Halloween’s almost here.

Whether you’ve had “Hocus Pocus” on repeat since October 1 or are still trying to figure out what costume you can make out of the lost and found box contents (remember pizza boxes can serve as your cardboard base), you do you boo.

And when the nougat dust has settled on Sunday morning, just remember pizza is always there for you. Happy Halloween!


EatStreet Welcomes Newest Employee – Lily the Office Pup


Madison, WI – With the launch of more than 20 new markets fast approaching, the EatStreet Team has developed a few gray hairs over the past few months. But our noses aren’t buried in work all the time.

 Meet EatStreet’s newest employee, Lily the french bulldog! Lily joined the team in June when her human, our fearless leader, Matt Howard and his wife Laura adopted the little fluffball.

 “When I take Lily to the office, everyone’s face lights up.” Matt said. “And she stays busy all day playing with all of our employees so she gets tuckered out and sleeps like a log at night.”

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EatStreet Rides for Charity

Several members of the EatStreet team recently participated in the Bike for the Boys & Girls Club. After CEO Matt Howard had a rewarding experience last year, he brought an entire posse along this year to support Madison’s youth. Eleven employees participated in the ride at both the 8 and 25 miles distances.  EatStreeters raised over $2,000 for an important cause and had a great time.

photo 3

“The ride toured Madison’s best lake views and ended at Edgewood College, where we were greeted with live music, a grilled lunch, and Culver’s custard. It was a great team-building event for us that we will definitely be repeating in upcoming years. The event also marked a personal milestone for me. I was in a bad bike accident back in April and had not been on a bike since. A charity bike ride with my friends and coworkers was the impetus I needed to conquer my fears.”

-Emily Orner, Director of Team Development & Recruitment

“The bike ride was a great time. I really enjoyed biking around and being able to see parts of Madison that I had never seen before. This was the first charity event I had done in awhile, but it won’t be my last. It’s such a rewarding feeling giving back to your community and having a fun time doing it. I’ll definitely do it again next year!”

-Jack Wilson, Executive Account Manager 

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Boys and Girls Club on behalf of the EatStreet team!

Savory Sounds: Music at the EatStreet Office

3497849677_9798b22910_zWandering the halls of the EatStreet office, you’ll quickly realize that we’re a crazy bunch. The folks at EatStreet HQ come from different backgrounds and have many different interests. Nobody wants to see me play volleyball, but Kara won the state championship in high school. Likewise, most of my jokes get more groans than laughs, but Sam interned for the Daily Show with John Stewart. My unique talent? I caught all 150 Pokemon on my Gameboy back in the day.

There is one thing that EatStreet HQ-ers all have in common: they love music. That’s about where the similarities end, though. We all have different tastes. We work with two guys who were music majors, another guy who has been to over seventy shows in 2013, and a couple die-hard Lady Gaga fans. Here’s some of what you might find us jamming to if you happen to wander into our office.

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Foodie Call: Poetic Satisfaction

It came on so sudden, my stomach gave no indication;

and so it began: the Foodie Call’s latest iteration.


I looked about the room, trying to find a needed clue.

Then I found it right beside my beloved Elmer’s Glue.


No–not my fancy scissors, but oh so very close.

Silent on my coffee table, my laptop suddenly awoke.


That’s it! I have it! I knew I solved the riddle.

It was EatStreet, indeed! No need for a griddle.

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