Super Suggestions: How To Prepare For The Big Game

Finally, the weekend is here. Make no plans outside of cocktails, food and football (seriously how this not a holiday weekend?), to make sure you have the best Sunday possible. But before you kick up your feet, make sure you check out EatStreet’s keys to the game, so you aren’t caught lookin’ like a fool.

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Bibimbap: the real Super Bowl?

In less than a week, a cast of water birds and a herd of horses will meet in the Super Bowl. The game is the most important of the season. The stakes are high. Everyone will be watching.

Yet, there is a problem. The name “Super Bowl” suggests that it is the best bowl of all. As for me, I think the NFL’s claim is rather tenuous. I humbly submit that a better bowl exists.

The bowl I have in mind involves no football, no birds, and certainly no horses. Nevertheless, the bowl might be the best. It might just be—dare I say—Super.


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