Enter EatStreet’s NOMzgiving Giveaway!

Your Halloween costume has been stowed away, your best winter sweater is broken in, and you’re fully prepared to indulge yourself with gluttonous glee. But before you can stuff your face, it’s important to remember the most important part of this time of year. They don’t call it ‘The Giving Season’ for nothing.

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#Nomzgiving Winner Revealed!

We know what we’re thankful for: More than 3,000 entries to our #Nomzgiving contest where we offered up $100 for your BFF if you told us why they were so deserving, and $50 for you! We were blown away by not only the number of nominations but by your love and admiration for your awesome (and amazingly funny) friends. It’s not every day we hear about “ramen-eating superheroes” or people “sleep-talking about mashed potatoes.”

EatStreet dreaming of mashed potatoes
“Marlo sleep-talks about mashed potatoes.” —Michael from Pittsburgh

Some entries were humorous. Some were incredibly heart-felt. Some really tugged at our heart strings (is someone chopping onions in here? wipes tears from eyes). But we read them all.

We dished out a few food hooks ups to some particularly awesome runners-up, like Eric from New York who said when he and his buddy Aaron “shame-eat together it feels like normal-eat,” and Morgan from Madison who told us her bestie Abbey “has lived with me in a small space for almost four years and still wants to be friends. More noteworthy, she has a poster of pizza above her bed, so it’s the last thing she sees each day and also the first.” We’re sold.

But it ain’t a big ol’ contest without the big WINNER! Without further ado, we are pleased to reveal our official #Nomzgiving winner…

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Friends Giving Friends Nomz: #Nomzgiving

There’s a chill in the air. The leaves are changing. Pumpkin spice is starting to make way for peppermint and gingerbread. Well before we indulge our hedonistic tendencies in holiday celebrations and overeating, we look back at the year in an attempt to give thanks.

And who is more deserving of thanks, than our friends. From that BFF that always has your back to your trusted friend who shares your love of pizza and Empire–friends truly deserve an epic shout out. So we’ve created the ultimate #friendsgiving celebration, which we’re calling #Nomzgiving.
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