#GiveAndGetFed Winners

Hey!  You look good.  Like, really good.  Something’s different.  Different in a good way, but definitely different.  Have you just finished your finals or something?

Maybe you slept for 16 hours straight or maybe you finally took a shower.  Whatever it is, finals are over.   Go you!  It’s official – nothing stands in the way of you and your summer.  Another good kickoff to summer now that finals are over?  EatStreet #GiveAndGetFed Giveaway winners are here!

Congratulations to Jaqueline Denver and Chris Parish!  You both won FREE RENT from ABODO!

Congratulations to Ericka Andrea Guevara!  You won FREE AIRLINE TICKETS from StudentUniverse! 

We’re giving away hundreds of additional prizes–too many to list here–so check your email to see if you’re a winner and how to claim your prize.  Also, watch your Twitter and Facebook – we’re announcing additional winners from there too!

One more shout out to our partners who helped make this possible: StudentUniverseUnderground PrintingABODO, Spoon University, and StudyBlue.  Happy Summer Y’all!



#FlixFood Winner Unveiled

Congratulations to Cameron Olson from Madison, WI on winning $20 of free food and a $20 iTunes gift card from the #FlixFood Giveaway!

This lucky fellow can start off his week like a king. When Saturday night’s poor decisions catch up to you on Monday, who wouldn’t want to summon free dinner with a side of cinematic magic? If I were him I’d eat an entire deep dish pizza, then curl up in the fetal position and share a good cry with Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. But alas, not everyone has such fine taste.

Even if you didn’t win the giveaway you can still use EatStreet and Flixfindr to find food & movies that you have a taste for. So go forth and search, filter, and sort to your heart’s stomach’s content.

Celebrate 10K EatStreet Restaurants & Yelp Partnership

Today is a big day at EatStreet and we want you to celebrate with us. We’re very happy to announce that EatStreet and Yelp have teamed up to bring online ordering to thousands more of Yelp’s restaurants and their customers.

People already visit Yelp to read reviews and find new restaurants, and they can now order their food directly from many more restaurant pages on Yelp, courtesy of our integration into the Yelp Platform. Restaurants benefiting from the new capabilities are in major metropolitan centers such as New York and Chicago, as well as EatStreet’s key markets, including cities such as Madison and Iowa City.

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EatStreet in the Press

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 10.23.54 AM

The EatStreet story has been marked by excitement and innovation, especially in the last six months. We are constantly unveiling some very cool things and the press has taken notice.

Two articles from earlier this year capture the spirit of EatStreet’s commitment to facilitating online commerce using creative technological solutions.

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A Cordial Introduction

Do you like to eat, read, or both? If so, then you’re going to love this blog. Dishin’ It Out is your source for fresh food news, mouthwatering food ideas, EatStreet contests & promotions, hot new restaurants, a dash of gastronomic entertainment, and so much more.

Dishin’ It Out is presented by EatStreet. We’re a rapidly expanding company based in Madison, Wisconsin, that seeks to bridge the gap between restaurants and diners. We provide restaurants all over the country with an online ordering platform, Facebook ordering, mobile apps, custom website design, and much more. Our products and services give restaurants the tools they need to serve you better. Currently, we partner with over 1,000 restaurants in more than 24 cities nationwide. If you’re a restaurant owner, you can learn how to sign up here. If you’re a diner, be sure to visit EatStreet.com to find our online food court in your city.

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