Netflix and Chill(i): The Best TV Show and Food Pairings

Virtually nothing works better together than food and watching TV. There’s something so simple about just zoning out to the screen and munching on nomz that everyone can appreciate it. Colby Palmer from Pop Top! Podcast was able to compile a list of very best Netflix and food pairings that all people can enjoy.
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That Time I Ate Europe

Guest Post by Ann Marie Steib

I’d been itching to head across the pond for some time. The combination of a cheap flight, a “senior slide” mentality, and a thirst for Smithwick’s sent me on a St. Patrick’s Day excursion to the British Isles. A few weeks ago, this broad headed abroad.

I did a lot of amazing things, but most importantly, I ate. Irish (and British) food is intriguing. (I use the word “intriguing” here to mean “has a lot of potatoes.”) While the cliché is true, however, the occasional monotony of the cuisine doesn’t prevent it from tasting amazing. Here’s a sampling of the many mouthwatering things I ate:


At a tiny pub in Doolin on the way to the Cliffs of Moher, I enjoyed a traditional Irish dish called bangers and mash. If you’re unfamiliar, a “banger” is a pork sausage and “mash” is mashed potatoes. You take a plate, throw some potatoes and sausage on it, and pour onion gravy over it. Then, of course, you eat it, and the richness of this miraculous dish makes your hangover go away.

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