And So This Was #Fridgemas

It’s that time when we close the proverbial refrigerator door on our inaugural installment of “It’s A Wonderful Fridge.” We were simply overwhelmed by the amount of you faithful EatStreeters who participated, shared with us, and even complained to us about the dreaded Fridge Gnome. There were more than 20,000 of you who entered for our prizes, which fills us with so much #Fridgemas joy!

We were able to gift hundreds of #Fridgemas goodies including nearly $1,000 in free nomz. Here’s a look at what our gift-giving fridge hath delivered:

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It’s A Wonderful Fridge: The Final Course

I’ll be home for Fridgemas
As long as I can eat…

Ok, EatStreeters. This is the home stretch for the fridgeful goodness that is “It’s A Wonderful Fridge!” December 25 is your last day to peel back the stainless steel doors of gift-giving glory for your chance at great prizes including free nomz!

Here’s a look at the #Fridgemas prizes we served up last week, as well as a sneak peek as what remains in our holiday fridge!

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It’s A Wonderful Fridge Week 2 Wrap-Up

Hey there, fridge fans! We’ve wrapped two weeks of a four-week game, so that means we’ve hit the halfway mark of “It’s A Wonderful Fridge!” Here’s a look at what our favorite present-filled chill chest presented to winners last week:

  • $30 Netflix cards
  • $25 EatStreet credit
  • $5 EatStreet credit
  • $50 Amazon gift card
  • $50 donation to Relay For Life

We still have two more weeks of winnings, so make sure you check the fridge every day through December 25! Just watch out for that fridge gnome… But there’s more:

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It’s Still A Wonderful Fridge: Week 1 Winnings

We’ve wrapped week one of our “It’s A Wonderful Fridge” holiday game, and boy were there some great goodies!

Not only did our participating EatStreeters get to take advantage of a global 10% promo code — and just yesterday a 20% promo code — we dished out ten $10 Amazon gift cards and contributed $50 to a nonprofit of one winner’s choosing. It’s our way of saying thanks for being part of our EatStreet crew.

But we ain’t done.

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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot like Fridgemas

“Twas the night before Fridgemas

And all through the fridge

Not a bottle was shaken, not even a smidge

The magnets were hung on the fridge door with care

In hopes that the Fridge Gnome would just leave them there.”

It’s December 1, just a handful of days after we stuffed our bellies with Thanksgiving fare. It’s during times like these that we look to that one safe haven of food security in leftovers: the refrigerator.

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